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Dunlea Farms Ltd.

Premium Horse Hay Supplier

Fritz and Gise Trauttmansdorff
In business since 1980

Located at 400 Field Rd, Jerseyville, Ontario.
(One hour west of Toronto)

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Dunlea Farms Ltd has developed and has patents pending for a drying system which enables hay farmers to ensure that their hay is dry and will not spoil, regardless of the weather conditions. This drying system has been customized and implemented with customers across North America.
  •    This system increases both the protein and feed value of the dried hay. It ensures that there is no rain damage or leaf loss, or heat damage. The resulting hay is mould free, dust free, and has a beautiful deep green colour.
  •    The Batch hay dryer is also very labour efficient, allowing automatic loading and unloading. This ensures faster operation and turnaround, allowing immediate re-use of the system. Easy monitoring of the drying process and easy controls further contribute to the effectiveness of this system.
  •    The Batch hay drying system has an excellent energy recovery system due to its unique design, 100% control of air flow. The dryer can be built to use oil, natural gas, propane, or even electricity as the heat source.
  •    With the ability to dry up to 1600 small square bales per day, there's no need to wait for better weather. Hay can be cut when it's ready, even late in the fall.

400 Field Rd
Jerseyville, Ontario,
Canada. L0R 1R0
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